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Spiderweb with polygons for 3d modelling

Spiderweb with polygons for 3d modelling

Common garden Orb Web spider, or at least a simplified version using 31 sided polygon's and based on a Google image picture of an actual web. This took a few hours to build as all the web is part of the same 3d shape. Interestingly the only way to build it without excessive individual elements, pretty much matched the way an actual spider would have built it! As authentic as it looks, it still reminds me of the lid of a 70's clothes basket we used to have! We'll be using this model in a forthcoming interactive ibook about creatures living in New Zealand gardens - check out our website for more information #31_sided #3d_model #garden_spider_web #geometric_design #nature #orb_spider #polygon #spider #spider_silk #spiderweb
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