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Bernhard Center Complex

Bernhard Center Complex

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The John T. Bernhard Center dedicated to WMUs fifth president was built in 1957. The Bernhard Center is home to the University Bookstore Student Union Bronco Mall Dining Services and general student union functions. The building has three floors and approx. 274 200sq. ft. Attached to the Bernhard Center is Hoekje/Bigelow Cafeteria the largest cafeteria on campus famous for %92%93The Marketplace Grill. Connected to the cafeteria via %94%93food tubes are two dormitories Henry and Bigelow Halls. Henry Hall was built in 1957 and dedicated to Dr. Theodore S. Henry. It is a part of %94%93The Big Three dormitories and has 4 floors and approx. 85 335 sq. ft. Bigelow Hall was built in 1961 and dedicated to Howard F. Bigelow. It is also part of %94%93The Big Three dormitories and has five floors and approx. 94 850 sq. ft. Model by G. Martinka.
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