the gt2 ( grass terminator ) is the first mech to be used for garden use. it has alot of tools for weeding, killing garden monster, grass cutting and wood chopping. for wood chopping it has a laser axe. for weeding theres a flame thrower and a AW-CANNON ( anti-weed ). for grass cutting it has 4 cutter toes and one foot surface cutter and for monster killing it uses its axe, flamethrower and laser gun. it has a v-6 engine and it holds one pwerson. if your connsidering renting ( or buying ) one it only costs about 25,000 dollars for 1 week and it costs about 2 million dollars ( for thilthy rich people its cheap ) but also it comes with a free garden kit ( with another small fine of 6000 dollars ). oh and if you hate your neihbors dont worry it will take care of all your problems ( and your neighbor ) with another small fine of 2000 dollars that is ( this is illeagal in all states except texas ( and isnt real ) ) call 1-800 my garden has mosters and i have my neighbor, now! - mr jumpmanv2 plz vote-rate by the way this is a lawn mower and also this is my 100th model # #3d_challenge_025 #awsome #cool #get #it #long #more #people #see #so #tags #these #to #want
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