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Iota NPC - Class 1 - paint concept 1 - off stance

Iota NPC - Class 1 - paint concept 1 - off stance

Colston R.
This is a free lance developers - character development project in relation to a video gaming concept called "Memorandum". This is copyrighted material produced by Colston Reese. This is a prototype project for a suit in which a user can use to creatively attack competition on a playing field with quick use of different weapons in rapid succession in a spar similar to fencing. This spar is used as an entertaining way to train amature warriors who are not familiar to swift combat situations. The training of these soldiers takes place in public - obstacle covered - coliseum like setting in which citizens can obverse and or make bets, or hire. #armor #character #game #halo #helm #locus #memorandum #the_proclamation #weapon
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