Oude Kerk (Old Church)
The history of the Oude Kerk dates back to 1250. As well as being a place to worship, in those days the church also was also a place for more worldly affairs: nets and sails were repaired there, it was a meeting place for traders and plays were also held. Whenever the city was experiencing a period of wealth and growth, a new church was built. The exterior of the building shows 500 centuries worth of building. Inside there are many highlights, including the Vater-Müller organ from 1724/1738 and several sepulchres of Dutch sea heroes. Included in the more than 2500 gravestones in the church is that of Saskia van Uylenburgh, Rembrandt’s first wife. The Oude Kerk is officially a ‘European Monument’ and as well as providing church services also has a cultural function, holding concerts and exhibitions. #amsterdam #church #kerk #old #oude
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