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base out post

base out post

this is a base that will go up on every planet everywhere. our galactic armada is cloaked to anyone on any planet and any ships that are anywhere within 100 miles of it. so it seems to dissapear when you are close enough.we have a modo. if you can avoid a bullet... then avoid it!. we don't get shot often because were hard to see. and very stealthy. trust me in a war with us youd want to avoid sleep. also i have a symbol established. its the big red thing on the front entrance of the impenatrable base. the reason you want to avoid sleep is because ill have the soldiers slit yall necks when you go "beddy bye".(20 times worse than bed bugs I gurantee) RATE!!!!!!! #army #BTMA #cool_models #JUFAPD #neat #stuff
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