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EliAcoustic Fussor 2d White

EliAcoustic Fussor 2d White

EliAcoustic-Acoustic Decorative
Acoustic Diffuser EliAcoustic Fuser 2D, is made of high density EPS. This acoustic diffuser acts in a two-dimensional field and is capable of controlling sound reflections in space-time domain with its geometric design with large depth. Its geometry allows sound wave fronts reflected between the walls of the diffuser cavity, causing the reflection of the same at different angles and departure times. Acoustic Diffuser EliAcoustic Fuser 2D is designed to operate in the frequency range between 630 Hz and 10,000 Hz. Its scalable design allows a large diffuser formed from the union of several EliAcoustic Fuser diffusers 2D. Changing its position (turn 180), you can create different random sequences that will increase the dissemination of the room using the same acoustic diffuser. It is even possible to form a large three-dimensional diffuser, positioning diffusers other vertically and horizontally, the diffusers 90 rotating about its center. General Characteristics: Dimensions of each panel: 595.0 x 595.0 x 166.3 mm Tear resistance: no Washable: if Reaction to fire: EuroClass F Sound Absorption: Low Acoustic Diffusion: High Possibility of combinations to form a larger diffuser Applications: Rooms hi-end audio Home-cinemas Rooms broadcasting Recording studios and mastering Conference rooms Auditoriums Packing Units/box: 2 units Box Dimensions: 610 x 610 x 220 mm Description of Materials Material: expanded polystyrene (EPS) Density: 30 kg / m3 Installation Easy to install Location: roof and walls Mounting type: Thread #absorption #conditioning #Difusion #EliAcoustic #fussor #highend #homecinema #noise #sound
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