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Öland bridge, Sweden - Western Onramp

Öland bridge, Sweden - Western Onramp

Chrischn F.
Since the entire model of the Öland bridge in Sweden was too complex and too large, it had to be split up into several smaller models. --- The Öland bridge (Swedish: Ölandsbron) is a road bridge connecting Kalmar on mainland Sweden to Färjestaden (Ferry Town) on the island of Öland to its east. It is 6,072 m long and has a characteristic hump at its western end. The bridge is the longest in Sweden and one of the longest in all Europe. The Oresund Bridge linking Sweden with Denmark is longer overall, but not that part of it lying wholly within Sweden. The Öland bridge was inaugurated on 30 September 1972. It cost 80 million Swedish Kronor to build. Construction took 4.5 years, and about 100,000 cubic meters of concrete was used. The bridge was also prepared for transporting fresh water from the mainland to Öland. #1972 #arches #bridge #bron #Bögen #Färjestaden #kalmar #longest_bridge_in_sweden #Längste_Brücke_Schwedens #Pfeiler #pillars #Schweden #Småland #Sverige #sweden #Öland #Ölandbrücke #Ölandsbron
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