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Google Valley International Airport (KGVA) (FULLY FURNISHED)

Google Valley International Airport (KGVA) (FULLY FURNISHED)

This is Google Valley International Airport, a main hub for V2, Central, and PSA. Here ya go Cordelle or KingVengeance; it's 6mb, so you still have 4mb of detail to add. I added mostly everything an international airport needs, with the exception of airport vehicles and stores/restaurants (actually not file size issues - computer issues. My computer is getting 3 fps on Sketchup right now...).The jetways are used for boarding ONLY, when leaving the plane, airstairs are used, and passengers walk from the plane (through a door in the extended part of the lower section) into the arrivals section, where they wait for their bags (the baggage carousels are down there). Then, they can just leave. Thanks to kyokoyama777, ThyssenKrupp, Faux, componance, Erikths_94, "Zuki", ⎡« JMP»⎤ ®™, DF_Andy, Pattyboy89, tsunami1961, Whisdow, DaOtter, JesseCADworkXand manthos. #Air #Airlines #Airport #Central #Google #GVA #GVIA #Hub #International #KGVA #Lines #Main #Pacific #PSA #PSS #Southwest #Systems #Terminal #V2 #Valley
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