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Lathe 12" with Chip & Drip Deflectors

Lathe 12" with Chip & Drip Deflectors

Mark Gauthier.
The components of the Lathe's are each drawn on a separate LAYERS, this enables you to turn on of off any component you chose. The Sliding Chip & Drip Deflector is based on a Harrison Trainer Lathe, combination CNC & Manual. The Sliding Deflector Fame and Pane, are NOT designed as a Guard and/or Shield, Safety Glasses must still be worn. The design is simply to deflect most Chips and Cutting Fluid back to the lathe. The Lathe Carriage Deflector, is made from sections, so it can be installed without having to remove any Lathe controls. The Lathe Carriage Deflector,bolts to the Lathe Carriage, with Stand-off spacers, and bolts. You need to determine the length of the Stand-off Spacers relative to the distance between the outer most distance the Cross Slide moves towards the lathes operator, and the Lathes Carriage. I used 1/8" x 3/4" aluminum flat bar to provide for screw mounting holes to fasten the sections of the Carriage Together, and #8 Flat Head Hex socket machine screws x 1/4" or 3/8" length. Scaled Drawing. The design will be updated as the prototype evolve's. The model is best viewed with a 3D Space Navigator Connexion mouse #Bench_Lathe #King_Lathe #Lathe_Carriage_Shield #Lathe_Chip__Drip_Deflector #Lathe_Shield #Metal_Lathe
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