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Bowtegrity Frame & Hyperbolic Parabloid Canopy-12A

Bowtegrity Frame & Hyperbolic Parabloid Canopy-12A

(4) Bowtegrity Frames combined with (4) Hyperbolic Parabloid Canopies-(4) Center Bowed Columns - The bowed framing system and the term “Bowtegrity” was coined and further developed by its designer Paul A. Sovereign. The “Bowtegrity" is comprised of a framing system that uses isolated bowed compression members instead of the straight isolated compression members that are normally utilized in a “Tensegrity", or a tensional integrity or floating compression, is a structural principle based on the use of isolated components in compression inside a net of continuous tension, in such a way that the compressed members (usually bars or struts) do not touch each other and the prestressed tensioned members (usually cables or tendons) delineate the system spatially. The term tensegrity was coined by Buckminster Fuller in the 1960s as a portmanteau of "tensional integrity”. The other denomination of tensegrity, floating compression, was used mainly by Kenneth Snelson. #4_Center_Bowed_Columns #Bowtegrity_Frame_System #Hyperbolic_Parabloid_Canopy #Woman_at_the_Center
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