UNSC  Light Destroyer DDS-701, UNSC Brooklyn-Description Edited 2/14

UNSC Light Destroyer DDS-701, UNSC Brooklyn-Description Edited 2/14

Maximilian James K.
UNSC Brooklyn/DDS-701 COMPLETED FINALLY !!!!! PS Stealth, i am more than well aware of the untextured parts which i was to lazy to paint lol :) Anyway it took me over a month , and there are several people i would like to thank for inspiring me and heloing me on my journey<lololol> made entirely by me entirely in sketch-up and also is my highest poly model :)) NEXT-a back story perhaps? The year is 2547. The UNSC is about to break. Whole fleets have been decimated. They looked for a way to destroy the enemy. They looked to create a new destroyer. They looked at the design of the frigate and alterd red it heavily. They out fitted the light destroyer, named that for being the most maneuverable destroyer class out there, gave it 2 FTL drives, making it one of the fastest ships in all of the UNSC command. They gave it 2 mac cannons. They used a modifies version of the auto turrets making em more powerful. A single Nuclear missile launcher under each engine and ALOT of other weapons made it the perfect anti covenant ship. Fast; Manuverable, and powerful. #Coming_soon
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