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Template - Northwest NW-57A-2 Jetliner

Template - Northwest NW-57A-2 Jetliner

This model includes a modified cockpit, which houses the navigator where the radar would usually be. Removing the windows and replacing them with solid metal would result in the radar free NW-57A-3 version. This version was the most troubled however, due to the glass nose. The windows would constantly have to be replaced due to fractures in the glass and/or broken windows. This, combined with the compressor problems, caused MOAB to retire its entire fleet. Other airlines such as Paradox and V2 converted their NW-57A-2 models to NW-57A-1 standards. Not only did this decrease maintenance costs, but it increased the speed of the Jetliner by 20 mph. Thanks to WilliamT for the gear. #Jetliner #Northwest #NW57 #NW57A #NW57A2
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