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University of Ljubljana

University of Ljubljana

The University of Ljubljana building is located on the site of the former Provincial Mansion (Deželni dvorec), where provincial governor deputies held office and resided until 1791. In 1821, the Provincial Mansion hosted the famous Congress of the Holy Alliance, which brought together several European monarchs (the Austrian emperor, the Russian tsar and the king of Naples) and is considered to have ended the Napoleonic Wars. The Mansion was destroyed in the earthquake of 1895. In 1902 a new building was constructed on its site. Since 1919 it has been the seat of the University of Ljubljana. The design for the University building was made by the architect Jan Hrasky and later revised by Josef Hudetz. The building has four different facades, two main and two side ones, designed in the style of German Renaissance with neo-Gothic elements. #Ljubljana #Slovenia #UL #University_of_Ljubljana #Univerza_v_Ljubljani
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