Reveal projects an indirect glow onto ceilings or floors to deliver cove or pathway lighting. This 24VDC linear LED system features a shallow, plaster-in aluminum extrusion no thicker than drywall that houses a single row of white or color changing LED Soft Strip. System mounts directly to studs without joist modification and plasters into 1/2" or thicker drywall. Reveal is sold in 1 foot increments up to 40 feet (2WDC), 36 feet (3WDC), 20 feet (5WDC), 16 feet (6WDC), 12 feet (7WDC), or 10 feet (10WDC) and may be field-cut to any length. LED Soft Strip may be cut every 2.4 inches. Reveal ships in 8 foot sections. Coordinate installation with electrician and drywall contractors. Fixture includes a 5 year warranty. ETL listed. Patent pending. Design Note: 2.5 watt Reveal is ideal for pathway applications. For cove applications, use 5, 7.5, or 10 watt Reveal. Applications: Indoor Only—Toe kicks and cove lighting for office, residential, retail, hospitality or institutional settings. Average Lamp Life: 50,000 hours Included Components: Reveal channels, end caps, LED Soft Strip, Reveal Junction Box, Take-Up Box and all mounting hardware. See page 2 of spec sheet for additional details. #accent_lighting #ceiling_light #ceiling_lighting #contemporary #cove_light #cove_lighting #LED #LED_light #LED_lighting #lighting #lighting_ideas #lighting_systems #modern #modern_lighting_design #recessed_linear #toe_kick_lighting #wall_lighting
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