LMC Adler
First minivan of the LMC was the Conquista, born in the 1978. In the 2002, the Conquista II finished its life for be replaced by LMC Apeiron, a new minivan avalaible also in GT-R. People didn't appreciated it and after 3 years of production, in 2005, LMC decided to replace the Apeiron with a new Multi-Purpose-Vehicle (MPV) called Adler. The LMC Adler doesn't have the aggressive design of the Apeiron because LMC decided to make it appear more like a car for families. GT-R version will not be avalaible in the LMC Adler for two reasons: first, the car aims to be a minivan for families and second, because performance is high even in base version. The engine is a 2.0L L4 DOHC which works with a 5-speed gearbox system in a FWD layout. Understeer is repaired by the Computer, which is a feature of the news LMC cars. Chassis is very heavy for protect passengers, driver and engine from accidents and crashes. PLEASE COMMENT AND RATE, THANKS!! #family #LMC_Adler #minivan #MPV
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