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Ward Pound Ridge Reservation - Lean-to Site #1

Ward Pound Ridge Reservation - Lean-to Site #1

Piazza Architectural
Ward Pound Ridge Reservation - Lean-to Site #1 - Westchester County Parks, Cross River NY Year-round camping is available in open-face lean-tos. Sleeping capacity is limited to eight people per shelter. Comfort stations are located nearby and each shelter has an outside grill or fireplace for cooking, and a picnic table. A maximum of two tents may be erected at each shelter. In addition to the lean-tos, open tent sites are available on a first-come, first-served basis in the upper Kimberly Bridge area. Two cars are permitted per shelter/site; additional visitors’ cars pay applicable parking fee. Please, refer to the park brochure (it can be found at their website) for additional information. Click on the Piazza Architectural Associates logo to visit our website. #Architect #Associates #Camping #Cross_River #Leanto_Site_1 #NY #Paul_Piazza #Piazza_Architectural #Shelter #Ward_Pound_Ridge_Reservation #Westchester_County_Parks
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