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Royal Optima Flushometer 152 ES-S

Royal Optima Flushometer 152 ES-S

Concealed, Sensor Operated Royal® Model Water Closet Flushometer, for wall hung back spud bowls.Sloan OPTIMA® equipped Flushometers provide the ultimate in sanitary protection and automatic operation. There are no handles to trip or buttons to push. The Flushometer operates by means of an infrared sensor that adapts to its surrounding. Once the user enters the sensor's effective range and then steps away, the Flushometer Solenoid initiates the flushing cycle to flush the fixture. #15426 #22_42_43 #Automatic #Concealed #electronics #Flushometer #Hygienic #Plumbing #SelfAdaptive_Infrared_Sensor #Water_Closet #Water_usage_savings
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