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Decknar Airlines McDonnell Douglas MD-88 (RETIRED)

Decknar Airlines McDonnell Douglas MD-88 (RETIRED)

The MD-88 is one of two regional aircraft. It normally fly's routes like Seattle-Ontario CA. So it goes a bit further then the A319 but not much. We have 33 MD88 and plan to buy a few more before retiring them in late 2014. The MD90 will take over operations once this aircraft is retired. The MD-88's were aquired from Lego Airlines when Decknar and Lego merged. Lego had always used MD88's as well as the MD82, and MD83. We rarely let our MD88's rest. Being the perfect aircraft for the routes they are placed on. It won't be a major change from MD88 to MD90. Decknar would like to sell the MD88 to other operators. We will be taking names down for the 33 MD88's in the fleet. Origional aircraft by Chobs. Comment, rate. Thanks! ©2013 Boeingfan727 #Chobs #Decknar_Airlines #McDonnell_Douglas #McDonnell_Douglas_MD88 #MD88
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