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Museum of Fine Arts

Museum of Fine Arts

3D Warehouse Staff
In 1907, Museum Trustees hired architect Guy Lowell to create a master plan for the Museum that could be built in sequences as funding was obtained for each phase. The first section of Lowell’s neo-classical design was completed in 1909, and featured a 500-foot façade of cut granite along Huntington Avenue, a grand rotunda, and impressive exhibition galleries. The new building was financed entirely by individual donation. Only two years after the completion of the first phase of Lowell’s design, Mrs. Robert Dawson Evans offered to fund the entire cost of building the next section of the Museum’s master plan, a wing along the Fenway to house paintings galleries. The Evans Wing opened in 1915. Between 1982 and 1986, the Evans Wing was renovated and a climate control system was installed. These renovations were designed by I.M. Pei. in 1977, the Museum turned to I.M. Pei to design an expansion that would surround and encompass the White Wing. Opened in 1981, the West Wing reflects Pei’s modernist design aesthetic with an emphasis on natural light. The museum is currently under renovation and will soon have a new addition by Norman Foster with Foster and Partners. Model by Lars Zimmerman #Evans_Wing #exhibition_galleries #Fenway #Foster_and_Partners #Guy_Lowell #Huntington_Avenue #IM_Pei #MA #Massachusetts #modernist #Museum_of_Fine_Arts #neoclassical #Norman_Foster #White_Wing
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