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meh map, u can has, jk. UNSC map based from that halo 3 game my friend introduced me too, thats a pretty good game, we were playing [he was playing] i was starin at textures and polys the entire time, dam flood... *no not really my first model, ive been modeling for a few days now, maybe 2, and i accidentally clicked on a "tool" that told me to purge or something, i did, and it was talking about upload, i did, and here we are, a dumb little map thats symmetrical and btw, i dont really wanna texture it, i dont really wanna model anymore either, just a samll fling, one time deal. twas fun though... #break #custom #dawn #edition #get #halo #halo_1 #halo_2 #halo_3 #it #o #on #the #till
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