CGM Office
Stylistically, the building can be attributed to a national romantic style ideals. The building has distinctive red brick facades with arcade-designed window coverages. Office landscape gives a sacred appearance due to the release of the large windows and generous use of glazed elements. The original is carefully restored to its original style, which evokes memories and brings history to life. Address: Bockajögatan 15, Borås, Sweden Original architect: Herman Göransson Built: Three stages of 1907 and fully developed in 1924 Ages: Transformer Station 1907-1955 Fabrics Industry 1955-1979 CGM Office / Demo Environment 2008 -> Maturity: 1979-2007 Completed Renovated: 2008 Client & Architect: Pierre Schäring Area: Total area in three levels 750 m2 #boras #borås #building #cgm #restored #sweden #transformatorstation
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