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Type-25 Heavy Mobile Artillery

Type-25 Heavy Mobile Artillery

The Wraith mobile artillery is the Covenant's main assault vehicle for ground engagements. It fires large bolts of super heated plasma encased in a magnetic field into the air. These bolts then rain down on enemy troops from above with tremendous force. Because the Wraith fires in an arc, rather than line-of-sight, this vehicle's attacks are very dangerous. The indirect fire is capable of catching many off guard with tragic consequences. The mortar can bypass most defenses that its enemies can muster. It is equipped with anti-gravity plates underneath its mainframe similar to those of the Ghost but on a much larger scale, allowing it to hover over any anti-vehicular mines that have been placed in its path as a deterrent. The pilot is completely encased within the armoured hull of the tank and thus protected from all small-arms fire. The vehicle can only be incapacitated by heavy weapons, artillery or internal explosions.The Wraith's engines can be pushed to provide an excellent boost in speed, but at the cost of maneuverability and weapon power. Mimicking the Ghost once again, however as a result of the Wraith's much greater weight the increase in speed is marginal. #alien #birdman #covenant #halo #halo_2 #halo_3 #plasma #tank #vehicle #wraith
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