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WWE Money in the Bank 2010 Stage

WWE Money in the Bank 2010 Stage

Gary M.
I thought i'd remake it since the other kinda sucked. Well, It wasn't bad but damn it was rushed. I kinda took it slower and actually paid attention to what I was doing. Of course I've got some stuff from my original model (which I don't think i uploaded but meh, it was alright.) Once again I feel like my models are kind of slacking latley but I don't think this counts. I really like this and I hope you do too. If used, credit please. The reason behind it because we all spend hours or days, maybe weeks, making these models and we're proud of them. But then some punk comes along and puts a video on youtube with it, without names on it. How would you feel if we stole your youtube vid? It's just the same here.
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