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Archimedes Tower

Archimedes Tower

G. Stolyarov II
The ancient Greek mathematician Archimedes was one of the first to work extensively on finding the value of pi, which is essential to determining the radii and circumferences of circles. This building is a tribute to Archimedes. Its cross-section is the intersection between two overlapping circles – one of which has a larger radius than the other. Height: 203.74 meters. NOTE: I am not an architect and as such am not an experienced judge of the technical feasibility of actually building my designs, based on the present technological and economic constraints. I intend my buildings to be exercises in esthetic imagination and only create the exterior of the buildings. Perhaps they or some elements of them might inspire actual architects to build structures that resemble them. Moreover, perhaps future architects will discover ways to render feasible some of my designs that are currently unattainable. If either of these events happens at any time, I would be honored and thrilled to receive any information regarding such developments. #Archimedes #architecture #building #circle #fantasy #future #futuristic #geometric #glass #modern #skyscraper #stone #tower
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