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Ultralight aircraft RK-1 "Swallow" / "Kregzdute" instrument panel layut

Ultralight aircraft RK-1 "Swallow" / "Kregzdute" instrument panel layut

Povil K.
I am re-designing my current aircraft instrument panel. Old one was built 20+ years ago, with no things like GPS in place/planned and with huge radio. New panel will have more instruments and contain less space than old one. It will be cut from 2 mm aluminium sheet with water/sand.   All measurements are in mm. Two holes above are for water and EGT temperature gauges. Small holes are for starter button and fuel springe. Area on the right will be used for magneto switch. Small holes on the right of the radio - for fuel level. Feel free to drop me a question on I will convert this drawing to autocad by exporting it to *.DAE file (menu: file-> Export ->3d model, then import to autocad converter (free from
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