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Krasiczyn Castle

Krasiczyn Castle

Stanisław L.
Krasiczyn Castle. Located on the Przemyśl – Sanok route, near a crossing of the San River, the castle in Krasiczyn is one of the most magnificent and impressive pearls of the polish Renaissance Time Period. Its construction was begun in 1580 by Stanisław Krasicki, a descendant of the Masovian nobility of the Rogala army of coat, continued and eventually accomplished by his son Marcin in 1631. Marcin Krasicki was regarded as an outstanding patron of art in Poland at that time, who transformed an austere fortress, erected by his father, into a splendid mansion which was named after him and so was a town encompassing a nearby area.. In spite of many fires and wars, the castle has almost maintained an unaltered shape from the beginnings of 17th century, built in a form of a quadrangle with the walls pointing to the four quarters of the globe. Each corner of the castle has a cylindrical tower, called Divine, Papal, Royal and Knightly. The rectangular and specious courtyard is surrounded by the rooms and chambers from the north and the east, whereas the south and the west curtain walls are topped with a beautiful attic. In the middle of the western wing, where the Rectangular Tower Clock stands there used to be the main entrance. This is also where a road from a once existing town led to, over a moat and through a drawbridg ( source : ). #Bubus #castle #Krasiczyn #palace #Poland #Polska
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