South Bay Incinerator - Boston,  MA 1958-1996  v0.1

South Bay Incinerator - Boston, MA 1958-1996 v0.1

THE BOSTON SOUTH BAY INCINERATOR was built in 1958, active until 1975, abandoned, and torn down in mid 90s. Located at the final bend of the SE expressway, its three landmark smokestacks marked the unofficial south gateway to Boston. HISTORY: Its purpose was to heat Boston City Hospital while disposing of trash from the city. It was an environmental disaster. Two reasons for its failure: 1st- trash was not segregated: so dead animals were burned with refrigerators- materials created toxic fumes with smoke. 2nd error: no afterburners were included- these burn smoke from the furnace before exiting the smokestacks, greatly reducing amount of pollutants. USE: Its shape is self explanatory. Four stages: 1) Under the lowest roof, garbage trucks would enter & dump their loads down the pit 2) In the large central portion of structure, overhead crane would pick up the trash and drop it into hoppers down into furnaces 3) and onto the flues housed in the final wing of the bldg (area detailed in model) 4) Finally smoke would rise up the smokestacks. CULTURE: In its later years 80s-90s the abandoned Incinerator became shelter for the homeless, mecca for graffiti artists, and subject of many art & design projects. It’s currently site of Boston Food Bank. 3D MODEL: is a partial crude CAD file from 1993 for an old school design project. The intention is to someday (re)build 3D model from the original drawings, but meanwhile this file may be of use. #architecture #art #Bay #Boston #design #environment #furnace #garbage #graffiti #green #Incinerator #landmark #MA #pollution #smoke #smokestack #South #stack #trash #urban
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