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Pech - Carrier

Pech - Carrier

Xavier C.
Carrier Class The Pech is a one of a kind craft. It was the first carrier off the cradle at the Scara Mensa shipyards. It was decided after her launch to reduce the size of future carriers by almost half. The Pech carries 10 squadrons(160) of class 1 fighters. The subsequent carries only have 8 squadrons on board. The Pech can also carry a large contingent of Marines and other personnel. Weight: 2,000,000 metric tons Length: 600 meters Width: 300 meters Draft: 100 meters Crew Compliment: 2,000 Humans, 100 Androids Weapons: Missile Launchers: 128 Torpedo Tubes: 14 fast cycling 1.5 torpedoes ps Plasma Cannon: 234 (126 3 terawatt, 108 2 terawatt) Fighters: 10 Squadrons (160 fighters) - Pech Range: 3,000 light years (approx.) 6,000 light years (approx.) when accompanied by a command battleship * Copyright (c) 2013, 2016 - commercial use prohibited #FOP #spaceship #spaceships
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