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Fedana Armory

Fedana Armory

Crankston S.
A while ago (about a year) I decided to model a city from my book (that I am currently writing). This city is Fedana, it exhists outside of normal time, and you could walk right past it without seeing it, since it is invisible. People go to Fedana to train in all areas of combat and knowledge. This picture is one corner of the armory (without the walls). I have had literaly hundreds of contributers to this city and I can't remember names, but sifficive to say, a lot of thier work went into the city, work that I am unable to credit them for. For this reason, I am going to rebuild this city from the ground up, using only my own models. Here is the old city (A picture at any rate), we will see what the new one looks like in a while. BTW the file is about twenty or thirty MB so I can't upload it. Sorry.
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