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Street Light Transportation

Street Light Transportation

This is an update of an old model that I keep working on. It is similar to a monorail system except for these differences: It occupies an unused space which is owned by the city (no easements). It uses an electronic supply already in place (streetlights). It provides separate cars with space for 4 passengers or 2 wheelchairs (not a bus). It's computerized system allows for switching and service on demand. It uses a cash-less system of prepaid cards. It's cars are automatically cleaned along with monitored inspections. It has basic stainless steel interiors for cleaning and toughness. It could use one-way service and alternating blocks to save construction costs. The boarding kiosks repel snow, rain and debris and are inaccessible until the car is in place. It's sensors would detect smoke, fumes etc. and would alert remote conductors to check the video monitors. Any emergencies would mean the car is rerouted to a hospital or police station. #bus #car #monorail #sketchyphysics #transportation
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