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USPF Barricade at Planet Coolcenary

USPF Barricade at Planet Coolcenary

Planet Coolcenary is the home planet of the UCMA, as it is named after its leader. Cooldenary's Star, Udia, is a red giant and is on the verge of exploding. When that happens, Coolcenary will be transported to the Risel System. The Barricade is still in use for protection of the USPF, even though the war, therefore the lockdown, is over. Almost all the ships in the Barricade are "Basica" D-1's, being careful not to use uncommon ships. Only ten in the Barricade are other ships including 9 SD-54's and the USS Holiday. This barricade surrounds the whole radius of USPF territory, which is hopefully to be enlarged. PLEASE RATE #BTMA #cool #GHMA #JUF #JUFAPD #sedisian #UBE #UCMA #UFMP #USNR #USPF
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