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The Baconator for Google SketchUp Challenge 21

The Baconator for Google SketchUp Challenge 21

Collin E.
(~10 hours) The Baconator, named accordingly, is my derranged little battlebot. On the front and left side, eight spray nozzles allow it to drench the opponent with a liquid that is super-corrosive towards metals. It is protected by 3/4" titanium armor on the outside, with a 1/4" layer of lead just inside of the shell to prevent EM distruption. On the right side, an abnormally large circular saw protrudes from the shell. The underside supports four wheels, all of which rotate for the maximum range of motion. Also, large electromagnets will clamp the robot to a metal floor in some situations. Photoreceptors are located throughout the body to view different angles. A short range radar is also located under the bot to alert the small computer of nearby obstacles and enemies. The rear of the bot supports an EMP emitter. #3d_challenge_021 #acid #Admiral #AKB #AKBacon #Bacon #battle #battlebot #bot #circular #control #emp #Kamikaze #rc #remote #robot #round #saw #weapon
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