MetroCity Post Office
Welcome to the Post Office standing in the heart of MetroCity. This is replacing Mugin's Post Office. In 1994, Google Valley's Post office was built. In 1998, The demolition process began of Mugin's Post Office, and in 2000, the post office was now built. This is now the oldest building in the Entire MetroCity. Today, it is still standing. Thanks to Google for the shell. This model features an American flag on the outside, (Now for the interior details.) A foyer and a room with a long counter. Beyond the counter are three office cubicles and a stamp shop. On the top right corner is a you-know-what room and a blank room.* There is a flexible swinging door and there are no restrooms. Please rate + review! Thanks to Tomkin. I don't know who made the flag. Google for the trash can. Cordelle for the doors and I don't know who made the bin to drop packages. Google for the plants. Please do not reupload this model and claim that you made it, that will be reported to Google when it is done. *What room is that? #MetroCity #post_office
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