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Another Great Tale
KoolAid - The official drink of the Newbs.....its getting g@y how all you motherfuckers blame me for your SHlT on the warehouse. sorry, but i dont not have the time to make thousands of accounts, nor the lameness to keep blaming 1 person. go ahead, keep it easy by blaming someone like me who doesnt give a rats' @ss about who shitdicka is. I can also settle this out by saying YES, I DO DRIVE an S600, and saying that I dont because i "act imature" is quite odd. Your the person who is blaming me for random spam and everything that has the name shidika on it. I MEAN THINK ABOUT IT. I am this "shidika 2 (not rlly shidika person?)" ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FEEBLE MIND?? if i were shidika 2, why would I rate MY OWN MODELS BAD WITH HIM? the SHlT you guys come up with is just getting old by now. btw, the original shidika x didnt hate me, its just that since he rated me good all you fellows and haters said i was shidika and in return made imatating accounts to rate me bad and thats why everyone thinks i hate shidika. Alex is this shidika 2 not really shidika person.
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