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Temple of Zeus in Olympia / Ναός του Δία στην Ολυμπία

Temple of Zeus in Olympia / Ναός του Δία στην Ολυμπία

Filip Michalowski
The Temple of Zeus at Olympia, built in 470-456 BC, was the ancient Greek temple in Olympia, Greece, dedicated to the chief of the gods, Zeus. It was the very model of the fully-developed classical Greek temple of the Doric order.The temple stood in the most famous sanctuary of Greece, which had been dedicated to local and Pan-Hellenic deities and had probably been established towards the end of the Mycenaean period. It housed the cult statue of Zeus which was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. The Chryselephantine statue was approximately 13 m (43 ft) high and was made by the sculptor Phidias in his workshop on the site at Olympia. He took about twelve years to complete it. The site of the ancient sanctuary, long forgotten under landslips and flood siltation, was identified in 1766. In 1829 a French team partially excavated the Temple of Zeus, taking several fragments of the pediments to the Musée du Louvre. Systematic excavation began in 1875, under the direction the German Archaeological Institute, and has continued, with some interruptions, to the present time. #ancient #Ancient_Olympic_Games #Greece #Olympia #Peloponese #temple #Temple_of_Zeus_in_Olympia #Zeus #Αρχαίοι_Ολυμπιακοί_Αγώνες #Δίας #Ελλάς #Ζευς #Ναός #Ναός_του_Δία_στην_Ολυμπία #Ολυμπία #Πελοπόννησος
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