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Retro House

Retro House

Here is a classic retro house coming either from the late fourties through mid fifties era. This little house here has a lot of unique mid century elements that really bring out its character. Perhaps what catches your eye from this house would be a great stone face... or could it be the trellis by the front door... or IS it the front door? See, lots of things :) Check out the retro floor plan of this tract house. There are 3, count em' 3 bedrooms and a bathroom! The living and dining share the front room. The kitchen has retro appliances. There is even a basement in this house :) Accessed from the kitchen. other retro details include the planter, porch light, and a light roof pitch. Like many retro houses, there is a grand picture window in front. A note about the chimney, there are 3 flues. One for the patio, one for the living room, and the middle one is for the furnace in the basement. Enjoy this bungalow and please rate. I have set up a Facebook page filled with architecture and Sketchup related things so check out the link below in case you are interested :) #Architecture #Building #family_Home #Family_House #House #Kit_Home #Kit_House #Mid_Century_Modern #Retro_house #Small_House #Tiny_House #Tract_House #traditional_House
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