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A Preview of the UET-74 Mk. 1 Medium Tank

A Preview of the UET-74 Mk. 1 Medium Tank

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Edit: The finished model is done, click the link below to go to it. This is a preview of what is probably going to be one of my best models, hence only having the turret done. The main gun is a 400 caliber, full auto, hybrid railgun/ionization cannon. On the opposite side of the turret there is a launcher that can fire all mid-size missiles in earth's inventory. On top there is a minigun that is primarily remotely controlled, but can also be manned through the hatch should something fail. The actual base of the tank is going to have for semi-independant treads for advanced maneuverability. I should be done with this model by Christmas. #Abrams #cannon #M1 #M1A1 #M1A2 #Preview #t64 #tank #unfinished
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