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Small Woodworking Bench

Small Woodworking Bench

Joe B.
This little woodworking bench is an awesome little unit. It is about 30"x30"x30" (Roughly) so it will fit in a lot of places that a larger bench won't fit. But yet, it still can do what a full sized bench can do. The top is two pieces, the front is fixed, and the rear moves, so that you can clamp pieces in between the two. Along with the bench top vise, it has an end vise to give you clamping options. The lighter wood is 1-3/4"x3-1/2" (finished size) hardwood (Maple in my case). Then that cabinet is 1/2" Ply, trimed with 1/4"x3/4" hardwood edging. Featured in ShopNotes Issue #30. All of the hardware is present, although it is very simplified. The file was huge with all of the lag screws and bolts and the threaded rods for the vises, so I just put in basic hardware shapes, to cut down on the file size. The drawers in the cabinet slide along 1/2"x1/2" - 1/8" thick - L-Shaped Aluminium tracks. The length of the legs is up to you. I just made mine, so the top was an even 32" which also happens to be a comfortable working heigth for me. I've heard a good rule of thumb, is measure the distance between the floor and your wrist, and that should be a comfortable working heigth. #bench #maple #shopnotes #table #vise #wood #wood_working #woodworking #work
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