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Theophilus Tower

Theophilus Tower

Spencer O.
The Tower is a co-ed residence and a land mark for many on campus. Located across the street from the new Student Recreation Center, the eleven story building gives residents a wonderful view of Moscow and the Palouse region. The location to classrooms, the library and the cafeteria are all a short walk away. The Tower is an alcohol-free building. The rooms accommodate two students. Community bathrooms with private showers are located centrally on each floor. Recreation lounges and study lounges are found on alternating floors for student use. Laundry facilities, a small computer lab, bike room and snack machines are all conveniently located in the basement. (Note: Description taken from the University of Idaho housing web site.) #dorm #Forney_Hall #French_Hall #Graham_Hall #McCoy_Hall #Neely_Hall #residence #residence_hall #Theophilus #Theophilus_Tower #U_of_I #University_of_Idaho
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