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MAF Mason Armored Forces contest

MAF Mason Armored Forces contest

this contest is pritty self explanitory but i will explain it anyway. The objective of this contest is to asstablish a 3rd fleet for the MAF, but i do not have enough ships and i ran out of creativity. The modles must have For Mas's Contest in the tital.The 3rd fleet will be comprised of the winning ships. To scale the ships go to any of my modles, they are all scaled for use be me(go to the 1st or 2nd fleet modle only ones i have scaled).(# of winners possible told by(#w)The ships may be entered in the following catigories:Battleship(2w), Fighter(4w), Destroyer(2w), Cruser(1w), Station(1w), Turrent(2w), (station and turrent for fleets base), Transport(1w), Cargo ship(1w), Super weapon(1), Drednought(1w), Carrier(1w), Assult vessle(4w), and Observation vessle(2w). <<Rules>> 1.Must (in description) have what catigory entered in., 2: Can not copy,3: must not cheat, 4:must be entered by June 23rd (deadline may be extended), 5: no critisising other users modles, 6: Have fun UPDATE:No deadline!!!! #Contest #MAF #Mason_Armored_Forces #Sci_Fi #SciFi #Space #Space_Armada #Space_Fleet #Space_ship #Space_ships #Spaceship #Spaceship_Contest #Spaceships #Startrek #Starwars
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