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Daytona Beach Ocean Center- Interior Only

Daytona Beach Ocean Center- Interior Only

The Ocean Center is a multi-purpose arena and convention center in Daytona Beach, Florida, USA. It was built in 1985 and expanded in 2009, doubling the facility's size. The $76 million construction project has elevated the facility to one of the largest in Florida, and into the second tier of cenvention facilities throughout the world. It holds 8,582 for Wrestling. The Ocean Center hosted the WCW Bash at the Beach in 1996, 1997 and 2000. 1996 was the scene of Hulk Hogan's infamous heel turn when he formed the nWo faction. Other notable WCW related events that have occurred here include Booker T winning his first World Championship, the debut of Thursday Night Thunder, the controversial Vince Russo-Hulk Hogan "shoot" confrontation, the much hyped team-up of NBA star Dennis Rodman with Hogan and the notorious botched debut of the Shockmaster. #Arena #Beach #Convention #Daytona #Entertainment #Florida #Ocean_Center #WWE
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