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Amvic - Ampex Insulated Panel

Amvic - Ampex Insulated Panel

Amvic’s Ampex insulated panel is used for hydronic radiant floor systems. It has been specifically designed to provide the most cost effective installation and performance characteristics while providing great jobsite durability and ease of installation. The panel nubs form a “mushroom” shape to lock the PEX piping firmly in place. The PEX piping is easily inserted into the panel simply by walking on the tubes. Once inserted the piping will be secured in place. The innovative patented panel design ensures that the tube will be encased in concrete. This will allow for a more even heat distribution across the concrete. Panels are 2'x4' and available in 30, 45 and 60 psi configurations as well as R10, R12, R14 and R16. #hydronic #PEXpanel #EPSinsulation #radiantfloor #hydronicradiantheating #vaporretarder #vaporbarrier #concrete #basement
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