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Wooden Mallet

Wooden Mallet

Is someone annoying you? Does someone constantly call your phone? Send you texts? E-mail you? Facebook you? Buzz you? Stalk you on Twitter and pester you on Messenger? Pick up your very own wooden mallet today! Soon you'll be bopping annoying people on the head and they'll forget what they were even pestering you about. They might even forget they know you!!* __________________________________________________________________ *SketchUp modeler does not guarantee success in the event that an annoying person is actually struck with a wooden mallet. Striking annoying people in the head may result in unwanted side effects, such as, hateful voice mails, incessant name-calling, multiple e-mails of why you aren't a good friend. If success is not acheived please don't tell me about it or I might bop you in the head with a wooden mallet. #Annoying #Click_the_link #Crown_Tools #JJH #Not_Spam_Tags #Sheffield_England #Wooden_Mallet #Woodworking #Yes_I_know
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