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Battlestar Orion - BSG-81

Battlestar Orion - BSG-81

One of four Deimos-class battlestars the Battlestar Orion is the third and final known surviving battlestar of the Cylon attacks on the Twelve Colonies. Recently her nuclear arsenal was replenished and the FTL-drives upgraded from a Cylon Basestar that she managed to disable half a year after the attacks in a furiously battle. As a result the Orion is capable of far longer and more accurate jumps than the Galactica. Commander Deveraux have used this ability with devestating effect against the Cylons. Armaments include 30 large antiship gun turrets, 4 forward mounted heavy antiship guns, 8 torpedo tubes, 16 large missile launch tubes (mounted in the main lateral hull), several smaller ship-to-ship launch tubes, and hundreds of point-defense turrets. The fighter compliment consist of at least 4 squadrons of 20 Vipers and numerous Raptor multi-role vehicles. #battleship #Battlestar #battlestar_galactica #bsg #carrier #Galactica #sci_fi #scifi #space #spaceship #star #starship #vipers #Warship
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