This is the Onyx, Isis's successor. It has a GSG-i 1.6 litre Hybrid engine that produces 130BHP. It comes with a few models, such as the 1.4FSX, 1.4FSZ, 1.6GSG, 1.6GSG-i. This model is the 1.6GSG-i, that comes with alloy wheels, xenon lights, retractable door mirrors, Bluetooth, LCD Sat Nav which also can be used to play CD, SRS airbags, and also electronic speedometers. The top speed of the base models is a 117MPH, while the top models has a top speed of a 126MPH. Both base models and top models does a 0-60MPH in just over 8 seconds, while a 0-100MPH in 13.2 seconds. It is build to compete with the Ford Focus. The base models cost around GBP6,800 in Britain, RM33,620 in Malaysia, while the top models cost GBP7,100 in Britain, RM35,110 in Malaysia. Original template by xrw960h. More cars to come! :D #Isis #Onyx #Successor
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