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THEK Stryker

THEK Stryker

robotguy4 ..
When we first got the message from THEK that they wanted us to design a war machine for them, we were estatic. However, this soon wore off due to laziness (and the fact that I am doing work during summer. A years triginometry in a few weeks: Fun times!) This is the result: a cross between the N-00B2 and the THEK Hazard robot. While it may just look like an N-00B2 with wheels, its more... it has uh... Um... An antenna? Well, we did add a few interface tweaks, allowing it to interface with THEK Hazard controls... Or an X-Box 360... (NOTE: Hey Thin Smek! If you use this please allow us access to the THEK hoverboards plans. It would save us some time having to modify those Tony Hawk Hoverboards...) BTW BTM, the wheels arent ovalish. (I think) that is due to the kind of perspective I used to make it look cooler. Either change your view or actually download the model (dont worry, I do it all the time). Also, oval wheels would work, it just would be a bumpy ride. #lazy #N00B #N00B2 #robot #robotguy4 #scifiy #Stryker #tank #the_wheels_arent_ovals #THEK #uaf #war #wheels
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