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Dragunov Sniper Rifle (under construction)

Dragunov Sniper Rifle (under construction)

The shadows and background r jaking up the file size again. u can delete them tho. Do not attempt to explode the entire gun at once. it will freeze ur computer. Another russian weapon of doom. (also see AN94 and AK47) Really accurate to the real model but there are a lot of variations of this gun so mine might be different from one u saw else where. The main difference of my gun to other Dragonov snipers is that i dumped the classic wooden grips cuz it goes better with the an94 and its the 21st century...I dont get the lame brain sights either but thats the way its supposed to be. still not done so i wont say much about it but its taking a while. If u use it plz give me credit and rate me. #AK47 #AN94 #army #frf2 #GIGN #gun #marine #marines #psg1 #russian #scope #smg #snipe #sniper #snipers #soldier #stuff
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