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Airport Sheremetyevo-2

Airport Sheremetyevo-2

Vladimir P.
Moscow, airport, terminal-F, - the main air gate of Russia. January 1, 1980, in anticipation of the XX Olympiad in Moscow, delivered a new international air terminal Sheremetyevo-2. Famous terminal included in a passenger terminal with jetways, station square, hotel, platform maintenance and a number of industrial buildings. Construction of the complex became the second birth of the airport. The complex was designed for servicing 6 million passengers a year. Its current capacity is 2 100 persons per hour. April 12, 1980 - first flight from Sheremetyevo-2 in Havana. May 6, 1980 Inauguration of airport Sheremetyevo-2. #Airport #terminal #аэропорт #Москва #Россия #Шереметьево
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