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Eiffel Tower  [324m, Paris, A.G. Eiffel, 1887-1889]

Eiffel Tower [324m, Paris, A.G. Eiffel, 1887-1889]

Gabri G.
The world's most famous tower, built by G. Eiffel (who also created the internal structures to the Statue of Liberty in New York). This tower is as tall as a skyscraper of 93 floors (such as the Hemitage Plaza in Paris). The Tower was a phare to the magnificent and huge Palace of the Machines, a giant hall made by iron and steel (called "Palais des Machines"), high in the vault 83 m, 110 m in the nave and almost 500 m long: it was larger than the Crystal Palace In London, and it was erected for the II World Fair in Paris (1889) #1889 #Eiffel_Tower #France #Great_Exposition #Gustave_Eiffel #iron #Liberty #Palais_des_Machines #Paris #steel #Tower #World_Fair #XIX_century
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